Why your online presence is important

Your online presence should accurately reflect you and your business and be consistent across all channels. In this world of connectivity, people are savvy, have information at their fingertips and have high expectations.

What is your online presence

Your online presence is made up of everything that represents you online including your website, your social media accounts and internet search results. Always remember that it isn’t just your business presence that people see, but also your personal presence. Have you considered how people see you online?

Audit your online presence

Auditing your online presence is important and you need to do it from a customer perspective. What are the messages someone who knows nothing about you or your business get when they see you online? Are they the messages you want them to get? I would recommend having someone who doesn’t work in your business spend some time auditing your online presence from an unbiased perspective.

Take control of your online presence

Once you have advice on how people see you online it is time to take control of what you present. Learn how to use your channels to create an online presence for you and your business that you are proud of.

If you need some help auditing your online presence, get in touch! Take a look at my Services or Contact me now.

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