Copyright for social media

We need to talk about something… (please don’t stop reading, this is important)… copyright.

I know, I know! Ick! Boo! Copyright is boring I hear you say. Copyright may be boring and difficult to understand… (I am no expert btw)… but it is integral to the integrity of any business or organisation, big or small, and should be respected and followed to protect us all.

Copyright is designed to protect the person who created the content – the photographer, the writer, the composer – because it is their intellectual property. It is their idea and they created it so they should get the credit! Think about it. How would you feel if people stole  your work?

The copyright owner has every right to ask you to take down your posts if you are using their content. In fact, they have every right to pursue their legal options if you have been using their content and profiting from it. Avoid getting yourself into trouble and follow these basic do’s and dont’s:


Publish content that you have created yourself – invest in your own photography/videography skills so you can create your own content or employ a professional photographer/videographer to create content for you.

Publish content that is free of copyright restrictions – there are heaps of websites where you can source amazing copyright free photos either for purchase or for free. Read this blog post for more information and suggestions for great websites to try.

Publish content that you have permission from the creator to use and credit them – most people on social media will be happy for you to share their content but good etiquette is to ask first and make sure you acknowledge where you got the photo.


Steal images – I often see images that have clearly been taken from another account or saved from a website with no credit given to the original creator of the image. You are breaking copyright law if you “right click and save” or “take a screenshot” of an image from a website or another social media account.

Credit photos to Pinterest – Pinterest does not own the copyright to any of the images that are on its platform, the person who originally created the image does. You should not use the image unless you have found the original copyright owner and asked their permission to use it and credit them.

If you want to find out more about copyright then visit the Australian Copyright Council website.

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