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13 places to find free stock photos

Whether you are creating social, web or print materials for your business there is one thing that we all know – finding great images is a challenge. Buying stock images over and over again is expensive but don’t worry, that is not your only option. There are plenty of websites that provide a great range of free stock photos and I have gathered some of the best for you!

Try these 13 websites for sourcing free photos:







Negative Space







Remember, there is absolutely no reason why you should be using images that you do not have permission to use. Never save something directly off the internet without knowing where it came from and who owns the copyright.

If you have more questions about when and how you can use images I recommend you read Photographers & Copyright by the Australian Copyright Council. The purpose of this information sheet is to give general introductory information about copyright. If you need to know about how the law applies in a particular situation, please get advice from a lawyer.

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Why you need a LinkedIn audit

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool and an important part of your online presence. It is more than just an online resume, it is a great platform for showcasing you and your business as well as a fantastic networking tool. But are you making the most of your presence?

Whether you want them to or not, people are going to search for you on LinkedIn so why not make the most of it? Your personal profile can work for you or it can work against you so let me help you create a strong profile that shows you at your best.

Profile picture

Whether you like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a model or spend big bucks on a special photo shoot but selecting the right profile picture is important. When choosing a picture make sure it is current and appropriate for business. An out of date picture makes you look like you are living in the past and holiday snaps, sunglasses, hats, costumes and swimwear are all inappropriate on this platform.


A lot of people just put their job title here but your headline can be so much more. Your headline appears underneath your name everywhere you post on LinkedIn so make it compelling and make it work for you. What is your value proposition or your specialty? If you are looking for work you can include looking for or seeking opportunities to enhance your job seeking options.


Think of your summary as the About page of your website where you can showcase all your good stuff. It’s potentially the most read part of your profile as well as your chance to personalise your page. When you write your summary think about your audience, what do you want people to know about you? Showcase your talents, achievements, skills, projects, passions and state what you are looking for – a new job, collaborations, opportunities.


Make sure your experience section is fleshed out with bullet points that describe what you did, how well you did it, and who it impacted. Don’t just add a list of duties, list your accomplishments. Accomplishment statements are the best way to showcase the amazing things you’ve done at your past jobs, plus show prospective employers what you can do for them.


Less is more in this category and just because there are lots of boxes to fill out doesn’t mean you have to. You do not have to add your high school education and you definitely don’t need to add any dates unless you want to. People will use dates to calculate your age and your age has no link to your competence.

Creating the perfect LinkedIn profile can be overwhelming and challenging and I hope these tips are useful. Need some help? Let me help you optimise your LinkedIn presence and show you the tips and tricks for growing your network. Contact me!