Copyright for social media

We need to talk about something… (please don’t stop reading, this is important)… copyright.

I know, I know! Ick! Boo! Copyright is boring I hear you say. Copyright may be boring and difficult to understand… (I am no expert btw)… but it is integral to the integrity of any business or organisation, big or small, and should be respected and followed to protect us all.

Copyright is designed to protect the person who created the content – the photographer, the writer, the composer – because it is their intellectual property. It is their idea and they created it so they should get the credit! Think about it. How would you feel if people stole  your work?

The copyright owner has every right to ask you to take down your posts if you are using their content. In fact, they have every right to pursue their legal options if you have been using their content and profiting from it. Avoid getting yourself into trouble and follow these basic do’s and dont’s:


Publish content that you have created yourself – invest in your own photography/videography skills so you can create your own content or employ a professional photographer/videographer to create content for you.

Publish content that is free of copyright restrictions – there are heaps of websites where you can source amazing copyright free photos either for purchase or for free. Read this blog post for more information and suggestions for great websites to try.

Publish content that you have permission from the creator to use and credit them – most people on social media will be happy for you to share their content but good etiquette is to ask first and make sure you acknowledge where you got the photo.


Steal images – I often see images that have clearly been taken from another account or saved from a website with no credit given to the original creator of the image. You are breaking copyright law if you “right click and save” or “take a screenshot” of an image from a website or another social media account.

Credit photos to Pinterest – Pinterest does not own the copyright to any of the images that are on its platform, the person who originally created the image does. You should not use the image unless you have found the original copyright owner and asked their permission to use it and credit them.

If you want to find out more about copyright then visit the Australian Copyright Council website.

Why your online presence is important

Your online presence should accurately reflect you and your business and be consistent across all channels. In this world of connectivity, people are savvy, have information at their fingertips and have high expectations.

What is your online presence

Your online presence is made up of everything that represents you online including your website, your social media accounts and internet search results. Always remember that it isn’t just your business presence that people see, but also your personal presence. Have you considered how people see you online?

Audit your online presence

Auditing your online presence is important and you need to do it from a customer perspective. What are the messages someone who knows nothing about you or your business get when they see you online? Are they the messages you want them to get? I would recommend having someone who doesn’t work in your business spend some time auditing your online presence from an unbiased perspective.

Take control of your online presence

Once you have advice on how people see you online it is time to take control of what you present. Learn how to use your channels to create an online presence for you and your business that you are proud of.

If you need some help auditing your online presence, get in touch! Take a look at my Services or Contact me now.

Why you should spend time networking

Networking online and in real life helps to build the presence of you and your business. The more visible you are, the more opportunities will come your way.

An effective networker doesn’t just show up at an event once but becomes part of a community. They show up over and over again and meet the same people multiple times proving that they are an authentic and valuable person in the community. Nobody wants to work with someone who shows up once, demands attention and is never seen again.

The secret to being an awesome networker is to combine real life networking with online networking. Why do one thing when you can do all the things!

Real life networking

Face-to-face networking can be a very powerful way to showcase you and your business and a great way to meet likeminded people. You can create an instant connection that can prove to be fruitful for both parties for years to come but you don’t need to wait for a ‘networking event’ to get started. Every interaction is an opportunity to network.

Online networking

Your social media channels are a powerful networking tool just waiting to be harnessed! You don’t need to wait for a ‘networking event’ and hope that the right people will be there. Opportunities to connect are so much easier with social media allowing us to create relationships with people like never before and grow our own networks.

If you want to become an awesome networker, get in touch because I would love to share my secrets with you! Take a look at my Services or Contact me now.